Anatolian Yastiks 4

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Anatolian Yastiks

BELOW: Fine yastik from SW Anaolia Dazgir region, 1825-50, The central medallion is deep aubergine color.

Southwest Anatolia, Menderes Valley, c 1875. Compare this medallion with another yastik of this Ottoman-inspired type iin the collection, but which is a century earlier.

Western Anatolia, c 1875-1900, with three large "Memling-style octagonal medallions.

Central Anatolia, Mujur region, c 1800. A rare and fine "Lotto" pattern on ivroy ground with aubergine highlights.

Central Anatolia, Karapinar, late 18c, Karaman region,witha solitary medallion floating in an empty space. It is the type known as "Small-medallion Holbein" pattern. The narrow inner border is pale aubergine.

Central Anatolia, Obruk, c 1850 or earlier. SOLD

Southwest Anatolia, Ghirlandaio style, c. 1825-50