Carpets of the Caucasus

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Rugs and Kilims from the Caucasus: The Collection of Dennis Dodds and Zinaida Vaganova

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ABOVE: Karachov Kazak, 19c, 4.10x6.6 feet SOLD

ABOVE: Karabagh, 19th century, 3.9 x 9.3 feet.

ABOVE: Kazak, 19th century, 6 x 12 feet

ABOVE: South Caucasus, Talish, ca.1850, 4.0 x 4.8 feet

ABOVE: North Shirvan, or Kuba, 19th century, 5.6 x 10 feet, kilim. Ex-collection David Black and Clive Loveless, London

ABOVE, Karabagh, Circa 1800-25, 7.3 x 18.0 feet. Carpet has been slightly and expertly adjusted in length.

Early Fachralo Kazak, circa 1800-50.    SOLD

Rare Red Field AKSTAFA, Azerbaijan, curca first half 19th century, 5 x 10 feet

"Parrots & Peacocks"

"Starry, Starry Night"

BELOW: KAZAK, 5.1 X 7.0 feet, last half 19c. SOLD

BELOW: Early Kazak, 64 x 92 inches, 163 x 234 cm; c. 1850.